Rocky Mount Mills

Bull Durham Beer Co. also brews in another unique North Carolina location.

Rocky Mount Mills LogoRocky Mount, North Carolina, an hour to the east of Durham, has a large restoration project similar to what Durham did with the American Tobacco Campus. A large, rundown mill in Rocky Mount has been completely transformed into a mixed-use property.

This 150-acre property now has office space, housing, manufacturing, and even a brewing cooperative called the Brewmill. Bull Durham Beer Co. is one of a few brewers who share the space. Our company both brews and bottles beer on site while consulting, collaborating, and innovating alongside fellow beer aficionados. Other tenants of the Brewmill actually brew as part of a partnership with Nash Community College and receive a degree in Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation after completing their work.

Bull Durham Beer Co. is represented by Ben Hostetter at the Rocky Mount Mills Brewmill site. Ben has experience brewing on the West Coast for the Ballast Point Brewery and is a passionate and talented brewer who loves the culture and people of North Carolina’s craft beer industry. Our name ties us to our original and main brewing site in Durham, but with Ben holding down the fort for Bull Durham Beer in Rocky Mount, we now have roots here, too.


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