While you’re rooting for the home team, enjoy high-quality beer brewed on site. Bull Durham Beer Co. is combining two Durham loves, the Bulls and craft beer.


Our Executive Brewmaster is German with decades of training in his country’s ancient beer-brewing tradition. Now he is also a passionate Bulls fan and a community-involved Durhamite.


Bull Durham Beer believes each beer is as important as each at bat. If you take your eye off the ball for a second, you can lose fans. But, if you aim for the fences, they’ll keep coming back for more.


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We believe in the water, the barley, the hops, the pull of a cask handle, the buy local movement, German knowhow, American ingenuity and that the best brews are fresh, handcrafted and small batch. We believe the best breweries act independently. We believe there should be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and Adjunct Brewing. We believe in the sweet spot, growing your hops, that Oktoberfest should be celebrated in September rather than October and we believe in fresh, cold, seasonal, session beers that you can sip for nine innings.


ABV 5.2%   |   IBU 20.8   |   SRM 3

A sparkling blonde ale with subdued maltiness and unobtrusive hoppiness, this German style pale ale is perfect for lollygagging in the park for nine innings on a hot summer day. Looking for a refreshing drink? Look no further.

Light Ale

ABV 4%   |   IBU 5.8   |   SRM 3

Brewed with German Huell Melon hops, this easy-to-drink brew will deliver the craft flavors you love, with almost half the calories – coming in less than 100 for a 12oz pour.



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